Clear Lake  Content Listing KUID:86661:100058
Kuid Name Source Source Help
KUID:-1:17 Fence_Wood_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:560 Tree26 Built In  
KUID:-1:563 Tree52M Built In  
KUID:-1:566 Tree10 Built In  
KUID:-1:587 Flower_Yellow2 Built In  
KUID:-1:589 Flower_Yellow_Spots Built In  
KUID:-1:590 Flowers_Lavender2 Built In  
KUID:-1:591 Flower_Lavender Built In  
KUID:-1:609 Grass_a Built In  
KUID:-1:610 Grass_b Built In  
KUID:-1:612 Dry_grass_tufts Built In  
KUID:-1:614 Dry_longgrass_b Built In  
KUID:-1:615 Dry_longgrass_tufts Built In  
KUID:-1:617 Gravel_b Built In  
KUID:-1:620 Mud_overgrown Built In  
KUID:-1:621 Grass_a1 Built In  
KUID:-1:622 Gravel_grass_a Built In  
KUID:-1:624 Dry_longgrass_stripes Built In  
KUID:-1:1000 Grass_a2 Built In  
KUID:-1:1001 Grass_a3 Built In  
KUID:-1:1003 Grass_wlonggrass Built In  
KUID:-1:1004 Gravel_c Built In  
KUID:-1:1005 Mud_darkovergrown Built In  
KUID:-1:1006 Graystone Built In  
KUID:-1:1007 Graystone_crack Built In  
KUID:-1:1016 Tree_Group3 Built In  
KUID:-1:6130 Tracking Camera Built In  
KUID:-1:6131 Trackmark Built In  
KUID:-1:6132 Trigger Built In  
KUID:-1:6270 Unidentified but necessary Built In  
KUID:-1:100226 Oz_dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100241 Oz_grassbrush Built In  
KUID:-1:100242 Oz_forest_floor Built In  
KUID:-1:100243 Oz_forest_floor_darker Built In  
KUID:-1:100245 Oz_sandgrass Built In  
KUID:-1:100247 Oz_orangedirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100248 Oz_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100249 Oz_grass_tuffs_on_dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100250 Oz_long_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100255 Building_School_Hall Built In  
KUID:-1:100262 Building_Shearing_Shed Built In  
KUID:-1:100266 Tside_Signal_Box3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100270 House_Thunderbox_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100272 House_Thunderbox_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100274 Animal_Sheep_Flock Built In  
KUID:-1:100277 Tree_Bunya_Pine Built In  
KUID:-1:100278 Tree_Bunya_Pine_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100279 Tree_Bunya_Pine_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100282 Tree_Gum_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100283 Tree_Gum_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100284 Tree_Small Built In  
KUID:-1:100285 Tree_Stickish Built In  
KUID:-1:100400 Oz_dirt_darker Built In  
KUID:-1:100401 Oz_gravel Built In  
KUID:-1:100402 Oz_reddirt_dark Built In  
KUID:-1:100404 Oz_rockydirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100407 Tree_Gum_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100421 Coal Built In  
KUID:-1:100423 Dark_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100425 Grazed_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100427 Patchy_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100429 Red_dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100447 Oz_stoneface Built In  
KUID:-1:100456 Road_Dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100486 Far_country Built In  
KUID:-1:100489 Lush Built In  
KUID:-1:100494 Iron_ore Built In  
KUID:-1:100495 Sandstone Built In  
KUID:-1:100511 Trees_Shrubs Built In  
KUID:-1:100555 Grass_a3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100557 Gravel_grass_a Built In  
KUID:-1:100570 Tree_Pine_High Built In  
KUID:-1:100574 Tree_Pine_Group Built In  
KUID:-1:100575 Tree_26 Built In  
KUID:-1:100576 Tree_52 Built In  
KUID:-1:100579 Tree_Pine_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100580 Tree_Pine_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100581 Tree_Gum_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100582 Tree_Gum_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100594 House_Log_Cabin Built In  
KUID:-1:100606 Tree_Gum_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100634 Tside_Lever Built In  
KUID:-1:100680 Ger_gravel01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100682 Ger_mud01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100683 Ger_rocky01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100782 Autumn_grass_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100783 Autumn_grass_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100784 Autumn_grass_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100789 Usa_cliff_dark Built In  
KUID:-1:100790 Usa_cliff_light Built In  
KUID:-1:100791 Usa_forest_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100792 Usa_forest_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100798 Usa_forest_distant_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100801 Usa_rocks_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100913 Signal_Dwarf Built In  
KUID:-1:100918 Tree_Cactus_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100919 Shrub_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100920 Shrub_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100930 Shrub_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100931 Shrub_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100958 Shrub_Lichen_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100959 Shrub_Lichen_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100960 Shrub_Lichen_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100961 Shrub_Lichen_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100962 Shrub_Group_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100963 Shrub_Group_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:101064 Ger_forest Built In  
KUID:-1:101065 Ger_forest2 Built In  
KUID:-1:101068 Ger_icerock Built In  
KUID:-1:101071 Ger_rocky3 Built In  
KUID:-1:101072 Ger_rocky4 Built In  
KUID:-1:101091 Tree_Pine_low1_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101094 Tree_Pine_low4_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101095 Tree_Pine_low1_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101102 Building_Stables Built In  
KUID:-1:101108 Tree_Pine_tall1_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101109 Tree_Pine_tall2_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101110 Tree_Pine_tall1_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101139 Ger_forest03 Built In  
KUID:-1:101143 Signal_Track_Ends Built In  
KUID:-1:101187 Tree_Shrub1 Built In  
KUID:-1:101235 Animal_Pigs Built In  
KUID:-1:101287 Building_Chicken_coop Built In  
KUID:-1:101302 Misc_Rock_Fall Built In  
KUID:-1:101336 People_Yeti Built In  
KUID:-1:101381 Fence_Wood_Panel Built In  
KUID:-1:110007 Signal_Rail_End_USA Built In  
KUID:-10:159 Animal_Buffalo_Herd Built In  
KUID:-12:330 Browndirt_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:331 Browndirt_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:332 Deadgrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:334 Dirt_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:335 Dirt_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:336 Drygrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:337 Greengrass_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:338 Greydirt_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:341 Patchygrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:348 Sweetgrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:349 Sweetgrass_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:350 Tanrock_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:351 Tanrock_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:354 Unpleasantgrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:355 Drygrass_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:356 Gravel_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:357 Gravel_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:358 Greengrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:798 Building_Shed_Big Built In  
KUID:-12:799 Building_Shed_Goods Built In  
KUID:1551:27012 skid Download Station  
KUID:5204:21002 grayballast Download Station  
KUID:33404:22048 “RED_PINE_20M” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22049 “RED_PINE_30M” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22050 “RED_PINE_40M” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22051 “RED_PINE_50M” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22052 “RED_PINE_60M” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22076 “SILVER_FIR_1_60m” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22104 “DOUGLAS_FIR_OLD2” Download Station  
KUID:33404:22106 “DOUGLAS_FIR_OLD4” Download Station  
KUID:35412:28002 sleeper_pile Download Station  
KUID:35412:38066 MB_NG_track_3_no_ballast Download Station  
KUID:35412:38109 spare_rails Download Station  
KUID:35412:38110 rusty_spare_rails Download Station  
KUID:36829:280007 Old_Water_Tower Download Station  
KUID:43955:21002^KUID:43955:21003^KUID:43955:21011^KUID:43955:21012^KUID:43955:21016^KUID:43955:21018 CO_rockface_dk2^CO_rockface_dk3^Bowrock3^Bowrock5^Bowgrey5^Bluesky Prowler's Website Download Page This is one of Prowler901's textures included in the San Juan Western Layout on his download page. (Contains kuids 43955:21000, 21001, 21002, 21003, 21004, 21005, 21006, 21007, 21008, 21009, 21010, 21011, 21012, 21013, 21014, 21015, 21016, 21017, 21018)
KUID:43955:32000^KUID:43955:32001^KUID:43955:32002^KUID:43955:32003^KUID:43955:38001 Narrow Guage Trestle A^Narrow Guage Trestle B^Narrow Guage Trestle C^Narrow Guage Trestle Spanner^Narrow Gauge Bridge Track Prowler's Website Download Page Found in the structures section on the Download page of Prowler's site. Look for "NG Trestelepak" Contains KUIDs 43955:38001 and 43955:32000 through 32003.
KUID:43955:38000 Narrow Gauge Track Direct CDP Download Originally made and packaged by Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901)
KUID:44700:9999 Skidder Static Level Look for Steam Donkey
KUID:44700:22001^KUID:44700:22004^KUID:44700:22009^KUID:44700:22015^KUID:44700:22017^KUID:44700:22021^KUID:44700:22022^KUID:44700:22025^KUID:44700:22026 Pine_5ft_Stack_1^Pine_5ft_Stack_4^Med Pine_5ft_Stack_1^Med Pine_7ft_Stack_3^Med Pine_13ft_Stack_1^Large Pine_5ft_Stack_1^Large Pine_5ft_Stack_2^Large Pine_7ft_Stack_1^Large Pine_7ft_Stack_2 Look for Stacking Logs (contains KUIDs 44700:22001-22028)
KUID:44700:22031^KUID:44700:22033^KUID:44700:22034 Pine_Medium-Leaning-A^Pine_Large-Leaning-A^Pine_Large-Leaning-B Look for Leaning Logs(contains KUIDs 44700:22029-22038)
KUID:44700:22044^KUID:44700:22045^KUID:44700:22046^KUID:44700:22047^KUID:44700:22048^KUID:44700:22049^KUID:44700:22050^KUID:44700:22051 Small_Short^Small_Long^Medium_Short^Medium Long^Large_Med Short^Large_Med_Long^Large_Short^Large_Long Look for Floating Logs(contains KUIDs 44700:22044-22059)
KUID:44700:22066^KUID:44700:22067^KUID:44700:22068^KUID:44700:22069 Large_Long^Large_VLong^Large_XLong^Extra_Large Look for Ground Logs(contains KUIDs 44700:22062-22077)
KUID:44700:22080^KUID:44700:22081^KUID:44700:22082 Pine_46_ft ^Pine_65_Ft^Pine_85_ft Look for Floating Trees(contains KUIDs 44700:22080-22083, 22085-22088)
KUID:44700:22090^KUID:44700:22091^KUID:44700:22092 Skid_Log_P1^Skid_Log_P2^Skid_Log_P3 Look for Skid Logs(contains KUIDs 44700:22090-22099)
KUID:44700:27893^KUID:44700:27927^KUID:44700:27938^KUID:44700:27940^KUID:44700:27945^KUID:44700:27949^KUID:44700:27950^KUID:44700:27954^KUID:44700:27955^KUID:44700:27956^KUID:44700:27957 Clutter 2^Tool Box Closed^Bucket on Bench^Small Tub on Barrel^Plank Platform^Box Small^Box Medium^Large Tub Full^Large Barrel Standing^Small Barrel Standing^Medium Barrel Standing Look for Clutter (contains KUIDs 44700:27893, 27894, 27927, 27928, 27936 - 42, 27944-47, 27949 - 51, 27953 - 57, 27959, 27960, 27962, 27964, 27965, 27979)
KUID:44700:27901^KUID:44700:27902^KUID:44700:27903^KUID:44700:27912 Flume for Mill^Flume Winch^Sawmill Rollway^New SawmillA Look for The Sawmill (contains KUIDs 44700:27901-04, 27912, 27913, 27930 - 35)
KUID:44700:27960^KUID:44700:27962^KUID:44700:27979 Tripodfirepot^Campfire^LeantoMetal Look for Ground Items (contains KUIDs 44700:27959, 27960, 27962, 27964, 27965, 27979)
KUID:44700:27989^KUID:44700:27990 doublehutrail^Bunkhut Look for staticaccomodationwagons in the Short Term Accomidations section (contains KUIDs 44700:15030 - 15032, 27989 - 27991)
KUID:44700:27992^KUID:44700:27993^KUID:44700:27994 LargeHut2W^Smallhut^LargeHut4W Look for Skid Huts-2 (contains KUIDs 44700:27992 - 27994)
KUID:44700:28001^KUID:44700:28002 Log_Skid_Full^Single_Log_Skid_Plain Look for Loading Skid(contains KUIDs 44700:28001-28003)
KUID:44700:38000 Pigsty Log Bridge Look for Bush Bridge
KUID:44700:38001 Trestle Log Bridge Look for Trestle Bridge - NG
KUID:44700:38006^KUID:44700:38007^KUID:44700:38008 Warren Truss 36^NG Trestle A^NG Trestle B Look for Truss Viaduct Bridge - NG (contains KUIDs 44700:38006-38008)
KUID:44797:28055 Shafer Brothers Logging Company Eng Water Tower Download Station  
KUID:47439:25030 NZ House 4-3c Download Station  
KUID:47439:25043 NZ House 5-4 Download Station  
KUID:50435:34003 Path_Boardwalk_Nosides_12 Built In  
KUID:56511:21010 VAVSandstone1 Download Station  
KUID:56511:21011 VAVSandstone2 Download Station  
KUID:56511:21012 VAVSandstone3 Download Station  
KUID:56511:21013 VAVBallast Download Station  
KUID:63290:26003 Outhouse Download Station  
KUID:79097:100026 Old West Blacksmith Shop Download Station  
KUID:79097:100031 Old West Building1 Download Station  
KUID:86661:23005 speedtie05 Download Station  
KUID:86661:23010 speedtie10 Download Station  
KUID:86661:23015 speedtie15 Download Station  
KUID:86661:23020 speedtie20 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28016 stump_pulley Download Station  
KUID:86661:28017 stump_cable Download Station  
KUID:86661:28027 stump1 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28028 stump2 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28033 stump3 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28049 stump4 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28054 stump5 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28055 stump6 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28200 dry_kiln Download Station  
KUID:86661:28201 oil_tank Download Station  
KUID:86661:28331^KUID:86661:28332^KUID:86661:28333^KUID:86661:28334 lumberstack_1^lumberstack_2^lumberstack_3^lumberstack_4 Download Station  
KUID:86661:38002 log dump A Download Station  
KUID:86661:38003 log dump B Download Station  
KUID:86661:38004 Log Dump C Download Station  
KUID:86661:38012 log dump A2 Download Station  
KUID:86661:100030 woodstack Download Station  
KUID:86661:100040 spar_tree_3 Download Station  
KUID:86661:100043 eng_house_ss_logging Download Station  
KUID:86661:100046 woodstack_1 Download Station  
KUID:86661:100056 donkey_shed Download Station  
KUID:86661:100057 toolshed Download Station  
KUID:86661:100065 slash_burner Download Station  
KUID:86661:100067 shake_flume Download Station