Sandy River Content Listing KUID:86661:100507
Kuid Name Source Source Help
KUID:-1:17 Fence_Wood_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:18 Fence_Hedge_4MR Built In  
KUID:-1:520 Building_Church Built In  
KUID:-1:521 Building_Brick_Shed Built In  
KUID:-1:528 Tree9 Built In  
KUID:-1:529 Tree9_Large Built In  
KUID:-1:560 Tree26 Built In  
KUID:-1:563 Tree52M Built In  
KUID:-1:566 Tree10 Built In  
KUID:-1:573 House_Cottage Built In  
KUID:-1:588 Flower_Yellow Built In  
KUID:-1:593 Tree9_Side Built In  
KUID:-1:612 Dry_grass_tufts Built In  
KUID:-1:614 Dry_longgrass_b Built In  
KUID:-1:617 Gravel_b Built In  
KUID:-1:620 Mud_overgrown Built In  
KUID:-1:621 Grass_a1 Built In  
KUID:-1:622 Gravel_grass_a Built In  
KUID:-1:1000 Grass_a2 Built In  
KUID:-1:1002 Grass_lavender Built In  
KUID:-1:1003 Grass_wlonggrass Built In  
KUID:-1:1005 Mud_darkovergrown Built In  
KUID:-1:6130 Tracking Camera Built In  
KUID:-1:6131 Trackmark Built In  
KUID:-1:6132 Trigger Built In  
KUID:-1:6270 Unidentified but necessary Built In  
KUID:-1:100003 Oz_blotchy_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100226 Oz_dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100241 Oz_grassbrush Built In  
KUID:-1:100242 Oz_forest_floor Built In  
KUID:-1:100243 Oz_forest_floor_darker Built In  
KUID:-1:100244 Oz_reddirt_shrubs Built In  
KUID:-1:100245 Oz_sandgrass Built In  
KUID:-1:100247 Oz_orangedirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100248 Oz_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100249 Oz_grass_tuffs_on_dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100255 Building_School_Hall Built In  
KUID:-1:100258 House_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100262 Building_Shearing_Shed Built In  
KUID:-1:100274 Animal_Sheep_Flock Built In  
KUID:-1:100282 Tree_Gum_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100285 Tree_Stickish Built In  
KUID:-1:100296 Fence_Arcmesh Built In  
KUID:-1:100297 Fence_Picket Built In  
KUID:-1:100299 Fence_Shearer_Yard Built In  
KUID:-1:100400 Oz_dirt_darker Built In  
KUID:-1:100401 Oz_gravel Built In  
KUID:-1:100404 Oz_rockydirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100418 Fence_Barbed_Wire Built In  
KUID:-1:100420 Asphalt Built In  
KUID:-1:100421 Coal Built In  
KUID:-1:100423 Dark_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100425 Grazed_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100427 Patchy_grass Built In  
KUID:-1:100447 Oz_stoneface Built In  
KUID:-1:100456 Road_Dirt Built In  
KUID:-1:100495 Sandstone Built In  
KUID:-1:100505 Tree_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100555 Grass_a3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100557 Gravel_grass_a Built In  
KUID:-1:100559 Building_Bakery Built In  
KUID:-1:100575 Tree_26 Built In  
KUID:-1:100576 Tree_52 Built In  
KUID:-1:100581 Tree_Gum_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100586 Fence_BWire_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100594 House_Log_Cabin Built In  
KUID:-1:100596 Building_School Built In  
KUID:-1:100606 Tree_Gum_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100637 Building_Yard_Office Built In  
KUID:-1:100676 Ger_dirt01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100679 Ger_grass02 Built In  
KUID:-1:100680 Ger_gravel01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100682 Ger_mud01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100683 Ger_rocky01 Built In  
KUID:-1:100740 Tree_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100782 Autumn_grass_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100783 Autumn_grass_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100784 Autumn_grass_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100785 Autumn_leafs_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100789 Usa_cliff_dark Built In  
KUID:-1:100790 Usa_cliff_light Built In  
KUID:-1:100795 Usa_forest_distant_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100919 Shrub_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100931 Shrub_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100958 Shrub_Lichen_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100959 Shrub_Lichen_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:100960 Shrub_Lichen_3 Built In  
KUID:-1:100961 Shrub_Lichen_4 Built In  
KUID:-1:100962 Shrub_Group_1 Built In  
KUID:-1:100963 Shrub_Group_2 Built In  
KUID:-1:101064 Ger_forest Built In  
KUID:-1:101065 Ger_forest2 Built In  
KUID:-1:101066 Ger_gravel Built In  
KUID:-1:101068 Ger_icerock Built In  
KUID:-1:101070 Ger_mudfurows Built In  
KUID:-1:101071 Ger_rocky3 Built In  
KUID:-1:101072 Ger_rocky4 Built In  
KUID:-1:101078 Tree_Medium2_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101091 Tree_Pine_low1_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101092 Tree_Pine_low2_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101093 Tree_Pine_low3_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101094 Tree_Pine_low4_hi Built In  
KUID:-1:101095 Tree_Pine_low1_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101096 Tree_Pine_low2_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101097 Tree_Pine_low3_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101098 Tree_Pine_low4_lo Built In  
KUID:-1:101102 Building_Stables Built In  
KUID:-1:101139 Ger_forest03 Built In  
KUID:-1:101187 Tree_Shrub1 Built In  
KUID:-1:101197 Tree_Shrub2 Built In  
KUID:-1:101287 Building_Chicken_coop Built In  
KUID:-1:101336 People_Yeti Built In  
KUID:-1:101381 Fence_Wood_Panel Built In  
KUID:42:100001 tree_stumps tree stumps     by amigo
KUID:-12:331 Browndirt_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:332 Deadgrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:335 Dirt_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:337 Greengrass_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:338 Greydirt_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:349 Sweetgrass_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:351 Tanrock_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:357 Gravel_2 Built In  
KUID:-12:358 Greengrass_1 Built In  
KUID:-12:498 Misc_Wooden_Crates Built In  
KUID:-12:777 Qld_sky Built In  
KUID:-12:798 Building_Shed_Big Built In  
KUID:-12:799 Building_Shed_Goods Built In  
KUID:1551:27000 2crates Download Station  
KUID:1551:27001 3stack Download Station  
KUID:1942:28045 Yard_Office_1942 Download Station  
KUID:3801:21013 Pitch_black Built In  
KUID:3801:34001 Path_Concrete Built In  
KUID:31891:28014 storage_tanks Download Station  
KUID:35412:28002 sleeper_pile Download Station  
KUID:35412:38109 spare_rails Download Station  
KUID:44700:22008 Pine_8ft_Stack_4 Look for Stacking Logs (contains KUIDs 44700:22001-22028)
KUID:44700:27893^KUID:44700:27894^KUID:44700:27927^KUID:44700:27928^KUID:44700:27938^KUID:44700:27945^KUID:44700:27949^KUID:44700:27950^KUID:44700:27951^KUID:44700:27955 Clutter 2^Clutter 1^Tool Box Closed^Tool Box Open^Bucket on Bench^Plank Platform^Box Small^Box Medium^Box Long^Large Barrel Standing Look for Clutter (contains KUIDs 44700:27893, 27894, 27927, 27928, 27936 - 42, 27944-47, 27949 - 51, 27953 - 57, 27959, 27960, 27962, 27964, 27965, 27979)
KUID:44700:27903^KUID:44700:27904^KUID:44700:27912^KUID:44700:27913^KUID:44700:27934^KUID:44700:27935 Sawmill Rollway^Dock Leanto^New SawmillA^Small Mill Building^Log Stack Small Long^Log Stack Small Look for The Sawmill (contains KUIDs 44700:27901-04, 27912, 27913, 27930 - 35)
KUID:44700:27948 Clutter 1 Look for KUID 44700a This is a zip with several cdp files in it. This asset is part of the "the_clutter_items"
KUID:44700:27979 LeantoMetal Look for Ground Items (contains KUIDs 44700:27959, 27960, 27962, 27964, 27965, 27979)
KUID:44700:27986^KUID:44700:27987 Small Hut^Bunk Hut Look for KUID 44700a This is a zip with several cdp files in it. This asset is part of the "Low_Poly_Hut_Set" Contains (44700:27986 - 88)
KUID:44700:27992 LargeHut2W Look for Skid Huts-2 (contains KUIDs 44700:27992 - 27994)
KUID:44700:27995^KUID:44700:27997 Blacksmithshut^Foremanshut Look for Skid Huts-1 (contains KUIDs 44700:27995 - 27998)
KUID:44700:27999 Skidder Static Level Look for KUID 44700a This is a zip with several cdp files in it. This asset is "Skidder"
KUID:44700:28002 Single_Log_Skid_Plain Look for Loading Skid(contains KUIDs 44700:28001-28003)
KUID:44797:28014 Ind_Coal_Dock_Powerhouse Built In  
KUID:47439:25020 NZ House 4-1a Download Station  
KUID:47439:25030 NZ House 4-3c Download Station  
KUID:50435:34003 Path_Boardwalk_Nosides_12 Built In  
KUID:50722:27001 Hangar Download Station  
KUID:52597:22002^KUID:52597:22008^KUID:52597:22303^KUID:52597:22906^KUID:52597:22908^KUID:52597:22909 Spruce 2^Spruce 8^Larktrad 3^Pine 6^Pine 8^Pine 9 Trees by Jarmo Puntanen Zip file that has two cdp files Part of "trees1" Contains (52597:22002 - 12, 22200, 22301 - 03, 22901 - 09)
KUID:52597:22652^KUID:52597:22661^KUID:52597:22662^KUID:52597:22701^KUID:52597:22702^KUID:52597:22703^KUID:52597:22706^KUID:52597:22732^KUID:52597:22804^KUID:52597:22805 Maple 2^Oak 1^Oak 2^Silver Birch^Downy birch 1^Silver birch 2^Birch 6^Cherry Bird 1^Willow 4^Willow 5 Trees by Jarmo Puntanen Zip file that has two cdp files Part of "trees2" Contains (52597:22331, 22332, 22651 - 54, 22661, 22662, 22701 - 08, 22731, 22732, 22785, 22791 - 93, 22801 - 05, 22851)
KUID:52682:39385 KB_woodchipper Download Station  
KUID:60238:26131 Fishing Trawler Sea Venture Download Station  
KUID:60238:27112 Timber Stack1 Download Station  
KUID:60238:38096 Dockwall Timber Download Station  
KUID:60238:38100 Coal Stage Download Station  
KUID:63290:24007 2ft gauge track end Download Station  
KUID:63290:24043 Switchstand Tall Frame 1 Download Station  
KUID:63290:24044 Switchstand Tall Frame 2 Download Station  
KUID:63290:24045 Switchstand Short Frame 1 Download Station  
KUID:63290:24046 Switchstand Short Frame 2 Download Station  
KUID:63290:24112 Harp D&RG lov Download Station  
KUID:63290:26001 Crested Butte Pilot Download Station  
KUID:63290:26003 Outhouse Download Station  
KUID:63290:38036 Maine_2ft_bridge_track Download Station  
KUID:63290:38042 Maine 2ft Dk Oxide Download Station  
KUID:79097:100023 Old West Church Download Station  
KUID:79097:100028 Old West General Store Download Station  
KUID:79097:100031 Old West Building1 Download Station  
KUID:79097:100034 Old West Buckboard Wagon Download Station  
KUID:79097:100050 Old West 2 Telegraph Pole Download Station  
KUID:86661:24204 2 foot highball junction Download Station  
KUID:86661:25001 ss_steam_snd2 Download Station  
KUID:86661:25003 ss_water_snd1 Download Station  
KUID:86661:25006 ss_whistle_snd2 Download Station  
KUID:86661:25202 ss_bird_snd1 Download Station  
KUID:86661:25204 ss_bird_snd2 Download Station  
KUID:86661:28201 oil_tank Download Station  
KUID:86661:28202 srrl_madrid_watertank Download Station  
KUID:86661:28203 srrl_sanders_watertank Download Station  
KUID:86661:28224 phillips_station Download Station  
KUID:86661:28225 new_phillips Download Station  
KUID:86661:28226 2foot_enginehouse Download Station  
KUID:86661:28242 turntable_2x24 Download Station  
KUID:86661:38201 Maine_2foot_low_trestle Download Station  
KUID:86661:38202 Maine_2foot_high_trestle Download Station  
KUID:86661:38203 Maine_2foot_truss Download Station  
KUID:86661:100043 eng_house_ss_logging Download Station  
KUID:86661:100057 toolshed Download Station