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Motive Power: Standard Gauge Switching and Industrial

The models on this page include standard gauge industrial switchers and common carrier yard switchers. While many smaller road freight engines were downgraded to switching service, this page is for engines designed and built for switching.

All assets on this page are error-free in TS2012 and should work in TS2009 and TS2010 as well. Reskins are not only permitted, they are actually encouraged. All assets on this page are governed by this license: Feel free to reskin this and release it when and wherever you like as freeware. All I ask is that you indicate where to find the original package and also include the original readme which credits the authors who have contributed to the creation of this asset. This asset may not be used by any payware content without permission.

USRA Heavy Switcher (0-8-0)
Reskin Kit; TS09 patch

While the USRA 0-6-0 design was allocated in higher quantities while the railroads were under government control during World War I, the 0-8-0 design ended up as the more long-lived design. Increased train weights during the late 1910s and early 1920s rendered the 0-6-0 obsolete, making the 0-8-0 the standard switcher for most railroads. The USRA designed 0-8-0, having been introduced at the cusp of this transition, was widely copied. A copy of this design, Norfolk & Western number 244, had the distinction of being the final reciprocating steam locomotive produced for a Class 1 railroad in the United States.

This model represents a copy built by Lima for the New York Central in 1922.

KUIDs in Package

  • kuid2:96914:4730:3
  • kuid2:96914:504730:3
  • kuid2:96914:51473:3
  • kuid2:96914:4731:3
  • kuid2:96914:504731:3
  • kuid2:96914:55473:3

Required Dependencies

  • kuid2:96914:55479:3 (USRA Cab)
  • kuid2:126323:53050:1 (DLS)
  • kuid2:126323:54501:1(DLS)
  • kuid:124060:60046 (DLS)

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