The Adventuresome Turkey!

Public plea: "Gobbler up tree" - can't get me, he flees tree, all ends happily

Believe it or not, that was the headline in Wellington's Evening Post newspaper, accompanied by pictures (unreproducable here) of Albert's escapades. The story:

Talk about turkey trot!

A turkey that perched in a Porirua tree for a week led would-be rescuers on a wild goose chase yesterday.

A person concerned that the turkey had not left the tree alerted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals yesterday. SPCA inspectors Steve (Spider) Glassey and Greg Suter went to the rescue at the corner of Main Road and Kenepuru Drive.

Mr Glassey abseiled from the top of the North City Plaza carpark building into the tree, but the turkey took fright - and flight. On the ground, it ran off with Mr Suter and a member of the public in pursuit. It was finally captured with a net and taken to the SPCA in Newtown. A home is being sought for it.

Albert also made the following morning's Dominion paper:

IN BRIEF: Gobbler goes

A male turkey that perched in a Porirua tree for a week and led rescuers a merry dance before being captured has gone to a new home in Pauatahanui. Named Gertie before his sex was determined, he is running free - as is his nature - and living off a diet of sour thistle and milkweed.

Gertie (Albert) was taken to the SPCA, then the wild bird hospital in Days Bay for company before going to Pauatahanui.


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