Eastern Bays Little Blue Penguin Foundation (Inc)

Rehabilitation Unit

The Eastern Bays Little Blue Penguin Foundation, established in May 1994 on the harbour coastline of Wellington, New Zealand, had its first distressed bird handed in for treatment in September 1994.

Since then the unit, run by volunteer Viv Hextall and a number of enthusiastic supporters, has successfully saved dozens of birds from death by disease, injury or starvation.

Primarily focusing on marine birds and penguins, the Rehabilitation Unit's scope has broadened to include many other birds. The public is not very selective about the injured birds they bring in!

Viv is especially grateful for the assistance she has received from (among others) IBM, the NZ Department of Conservation, and veterinarian Susan Robb.

The future for the Rehabilitation Unit looks very rosy and increasingly busy as more birds are brought in for treatment.

Winner of an important New Zealand conservation award, the Unit looks forward to continued success in saving the avian wildlife of New Zealand.

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