Rescuing a Spur-winged Plover



Spur-winged Plover "Vanellus miles novaehollandiae".

Date Captured:

9 October 1995

Location Captured:


Person Reporting:

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Band Number:


Admission Weight:


Release Weight:


Date Released:



N/A (Juvenile)

Rehab Unit No:

71 "Spur"


Brown speckled down feathers. Wing Coverts pale brown and fully formed. No tail. White below. Bill and face wattles yellow. Legs reddish yellow. Juvenile.


Brought in by cat. No obvious injuries.


In Captivity:

Eats krill, loves worms and will also eat cod and hoki cut into strips. Likes a lot of water.

In Wild:

Insects, grubs, worms and marine crustaceans.



Happy on ground - likes to be in open but give a darkish corner with a plant to hide in. Likes space as it likes to run.



16:00 Collected from SPCA. Given Rescue Remedy and Arnica.

17:00 Weighed - 150 grms. Dosed with .15 mls Ivomec. Put into bathroom in heated room with food left voluntarily. Water, Chef Cat Food - Kidney Casserole, 6 slaters, 6 snails, wheat sprouts in soil and krill.

17:45 Eaten all krill. Killed the snails and eaten 4. Krill replaced. A very nervous bird scuttles around when approached.


06:00 Cat food not eaten. Has found a little hole to run into when approached in behind the plant pots. Provided with a house in case it wants it, behind the toilet. 3 tblsps krill, 5 small slivers of cod and 1 tsp seagull meat left voluntarily. Is drinking water from a cup. Seems alert and happy this morning. Left in heated room.

12:20 Refilled saucer with finely cut up fish slivers.

17:30 All krill eaten

19:15 Krill mixed with 1/2 egg yolk, water and cod slivers. Given live worms - ran out and ate these immediately. Tried with larvae - will not eat this. Faeces normal.


06:00 Krill mixed with egg not eaten. Replaced with straight krill and cod. Faeces normal. New water with Rescue Remedy and Arnica.

18:30 Bathroom cleaned. - all krill eaten. No fish. Krill replaced. New worms and dirt. Has made a race track from behind the toilet, through the garden and into the bath. Have left a tub with water in for him. Likes to stand in this. Non slip mat placed so he can run up side without hurting himself. Preening and cleaning himself. Room heated.


01:00 Standing in bath tub in his "pond" asleep.

06:35 Fresh worms. Ate them all in one sitting. Replaced with more. New water and new krill.

14:30 Ineke - Plate practically empty. Running around.

17:30 More worms and krill - bright and happy. Tail feathers beginning to appear. Room heated.


06:30 Bread with Cod Liver Oil. Krill and worms. Wading in bath. Faeces normal. Room heated.

19:00 More worms and krill.


06:30 Moved to Rosalies bathroom - no heating. Pool left in the shower for him. Worms and krill left voluntarily. Hoki slivers also left.

10:00 Krill not eaten but fish gone.

17:00 Fed Cod Slivers. Seems to have settled in.


06:30 Fed 50 grms Cod slivers.

17:30 All fish eaten - fed a further 20 grms Cod. No heater.


06:10 Fed 60 grms Hoki slivers.

18:30 All fish eaten - fed a further 10 grms Cod. No heater.


07:30 Shifted into a pen outside. Climbed straight up into the garden and started scratching. Fed 50 grms Hoki.

17:45 Fed 30 grms Cod. Spending a lot of time in the garden.


06:30 Brown Rye Bread in Cod Liver Oil and water. 50 grms Hoki with Cat oil on. New water.


06:10 Brown Rye Bread in Cod Liver Oil and water. 50 grms Hoki with Cat oil on. New water.


06:20 Brown Rye Bread in Cod Liver Oil and water. 50 grms Hoki with Cat oil on. New water.


06:30 Krill and fresh worms. Ate them straight away. Bread, Cod Liver Oil and cheese. Given 5 fresh Cockabullies.


07:30 Cockabullies dead - they had been killed but not eaten. Krill and Cod.


11:20 Collected by Max Tilley and released at Pauahatanui Inlet.


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