12 Daly Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington

Phone/fax 04 5609-838 (5609-VET)

Email: sjrobb at actrix.gen.nz

Dr Susan Robb looks after sick and injured penguins!

This web page is our way of saying, "Thanks!" to Susan for doing a great job!

From her new state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Wellington, New Zealand, Dr Susan Robb cares for family pets as well as wildlife brought in by the Department of Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Eastern Bays Little Blue Penguin Foundation and members of the public.

The Daly Street Vet Clinic is one of the few animal facilities in the world to be fully online with a comprehensive computer network (including terminals in animal treatment areas) and ISDN links to the net. One of the systems can be seen here, where Susan is taking the temperature of a surprised penguin.

Daly St Vet Clinic Policy Issues

We want to promote a family atmosphere and create an environment suitable for family of all ages.

For ther reason we reserve the right to refuse admittance to aggressive dogs, and reserve the right to refuse admittance to certain breeds of dog.

In the interests of promoting animal well-being, we will not perform non-essential cosmetic surgery, including tail docking and ear cropping.

Daly St Vet Clinic Business Goals

To provide a high quality veterinary service with a caring attitude for our clients and our patients

We are committed to providing the best service we can. The facilities are only part of that. We will also provide top quality personal service through qualified staff, people who really care for the work they do and the people that they do it for.

To allow for quality family time for the directors of the business

We care for our family (children and pets) as much as we care for our clients and patients. Children are only young once - we do not want to miss out on their important development.

To provide a reasonable income for the directors

We are making a strong investment in our service. A reasonable income doesn't mean greed, and doesn't need to mean high costs to you, our clients. Having top quality facilities won't mean that we push the highest cost options. After all, there are often more appropriate alternatives.

Susan Robb at work


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