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Text Box: A place that brings together pictures and plans for Model Railway Fans, both real and 3D
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I  guess I am just plain lazy, or maybe it is because I am just too occupied with life these days, but I do want to again apologise for not looking after this site these last few years.
The site has been running for 6 years and gets many hits each day. I am gratified that it is out there helping other modellers do their research, and I know that I get my efforts here returned many times over, when I see such lovely models on exhibition layouts, or on offer at Auran Trainz download Station. I do not run MSTS any more, but I know thousands enjoy it still. I trust you get advantage as well.
I need to take care of the legal bits now, so please bear with me. In all cases I make no claims to copyright. I provide these plans and pictures in the same spirit as the original copyright owners did. The only aim of this site is to bring together as much information as possible to enable railway modelers to create models of Australian Prototype Trains. The information gathered here in this place has been gathered from other sites on the www. Where possible (where I know) I will acknowledge the owners and so should you if their information helps complete a model that will go on to others (such as in Trainz or MSTS)
If any information here is deemed by the owner as not available to this site, I would appreciate notification here, and it will be removed if you so desire. But if not your copy write will be acknowledged.  Email me here







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James Brooks who models in 3D as well as HO, finished his SEM S Class

SEM model built by James Brooks

So you are into Model Railways?

Model Railway E’Zine Check out all the new HO models available here!

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